Jaime Myers, A Committed Alum & Rower

Jaime Myers

“Commitment” in rowing is important to Jaime Myers, so the Tabor Academy alumnus gives back to his ‘School by the Sea’ with the sleekest alumni gift he can offer: a Vespoli V1 8, (and he has done that twice!). In 2005 and in 2008 Myers has honored his personal history as an oarsman and the school that provides his fondest memories of rowing with Vespoli racing shells, a gift of speed for the rowing athletes at Tabor Academy. Tabor has also honored their dedicated alumnus with a boat (another Vespoli) that bears his name. Jaime, a 1978 graduate of Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts, rowed at Henley Royal Regatta in 1976 with his TA crew, and returns to the regatta frequently—one of his favorite vacations. He also was a rower at Tufts University, where the lightweight rowed in the heavyweight program. Jaime feels that some of the best people he has ever met have been through rowing, and speaks fondly of connections made in the States and abroad during his 33 years as a rower.

Jaime’s commitment to rowing mirrors his commitment to Vespoli USA boats. Jaime has also purchased four Vespoli singles over the years, and as he says, “they get better every time.”

Myers has been an educator at Buckingham, Brown and Nichols in Boston as well as St. Anne’s-Belfield School in Charlottesville, Virginia. He rowed the esteemed Charles while a teacher at BBN, and currently rows with Rivanna Rowing Club on the same body of water as University of Virginia. (Rivanna Reservoir) He does intense workouts on the 2k course, all in his Matrix 26. Jaime prefers to train for head races, but does shorter pieces days to maintain fitness and increase strength. He is training to race this fall in the Head of the Charles in the Grand Master Single event.

For the record, his current 2007 Matrix 26, replaced his 2004 Matrix 26, (He says the sleek design earned long stares in the boathouse bays), a 1999 Millennium and a 1992 Ultra Light. This string of Vespoli’s for Jaime Myers is a testament to the quality of the boat design and the attention to finished product. A self-proclaimed stickler for detail, Jaime credits Walter Torres, Director of Operations at Vespoli, for attending to issues as they arise with his singles. “I like the look of my most recent boat—it is phantom gray—it is a stiff boat. I can go out and hammer in that thing, it is very fast and stable.”

“I stay with Vespoli boats because there is a comfort level with the people at Vespoli as well as the boats,” says Myers, who knows many of the boat builders and practically all of the sales and customer service team at Vespoli. Mike Vespoli says, “Jaime has been much more than a great customer for many years. He has offered valued feedback on our shells and service that help us to continue to improve.”

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